The right way to savour a perfect South Indian meal is to balance it with the right amount of “crunchy” condiments. We, at Ambika Appalam, have understood this with our experience of serving a million taste buds over the years with our authentic recipes handed down from a doting mother’s kitchen. Staying true to our love for the Indian tradition, we blend authentic flavours with a homely touch that reminds people of flavourful hearty meals cooked by their mother. With this we have succeeded at capturing many hearts from across India and the rest of the world.


Every great business starts with a simple idea. Our business dates back to the pre-Independence era of 1920 in the quaint streets of Triplicane, where they resided. He noticed that while people enjoyed a nice South Indian meal accompanied with curries, cooked veggies, ghee, thokku, pickle etc they wanted something crunchy to complete the meal, this sparked the idea of selling papadams and appalams to the people of the locality. What started as a simple local business by the father was transformed into a large scale established business by his son and founder Mr.K.A.Velayudhan under the brand name Ambika Appalams in 1976. With multiple outlets across the city, decades of consistent customer satisfaction and good will, the brand strives to place themselves as the perfect concoction of regional tastes with food innovation.


We aspire to spread the authentic taste of India beyond our borders. If you are looking toexperience the best of Indian goodies we are just a mail away.


Our retail outlets started in 2007 under the Ambika retail.Pvt. Ltd Wing, a few years later in 2012, Retailing of podis started by Ambika-India. We believe that the only way to grow is together. If you are looking out to join the Ambika Appalam family, the doors are wide open for you.

Our Retail Outlets

Directors Profile


In today’s day and age where speed and constant innovation are de rigueur for survival, K V Vyas who is the third generation entrepreneur has taken charge of the Managerial and Developmental growth of the organization.He plays a vital role is taking Ambika Appalams into the retail industry, not just in India but also to the outside world. Now the brand is well recognised as a heritage brand known for its mouthwatering products in the market at par with its competitors.

He always remembers what his Grandpa believes in, “what you leave behind is a value system and that is what defines you”.


R & D has been the most crucial factor in converting the business from small scale to a large scale business.

He is the mastermind behind mechanising and food processing for Ambika Appalams food business in to a modern method with no compromise on the quality and taste of the product. Mr. K V Vijayaraghavan has spent years with numerous manufacturers in India and overseas to develop machinery to fulfil the demand of the customers.

This has resulted in increased input use, higher food production, enhanced food security and quality and now it is also exported to the rest of the world.


In order to serve great food you must first have great recipes and people that know how to follow them. The Recipe Manual is the cornerstone of every Food business and it provides a method for achieving consistency in every product.

Ms. Jayakumari not only has carried forward the traditional recipes from the family but has maintained a consistency especially with large volumes of manufacturing with is the core of Ambika Appalams business.

The Quality & Taste of the products is the result of her hard work & relentless efforts for decades.

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