You can visit any South Indian house and we can guarantee that your meal won’t be complete without the signature appalams. When a meal is being cooked in the kitchen the aroma of delicious curries wafts the entire house inviting hungry children to ask their mother if the food is ready yet, and what does the mother offer as consolation? An appalam topped with freshly cut tomatoes and onions and hint of salt as a pre meal snack while they wait for the main course. So applams are not just eaten with the main course, it’s also a starter and a quick snack when hungry. So we thought why stop with just one type of appalam? Choose from our assorted appalam varieties to provide the right amount of crunch and a soft tinge of saltiness to your daily meals and snack times.

Sizes Available in inches:
Aanai Adi – 7″
Super – 6″
Spl – 5″
No:1 – 4 3/4
No:2 – 4 1/2
No:3 – 4
No:4 – 3 3/4
No:5 – 3 1/2
No:6 – 3